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Fire Risk Assessments

A fire risk assessment is the process whereby premises, processes or building’s are assessed for their safety in regard to a fire taking place or breaking out, in or around them. The precautions are to stop a fire occurring and the safety provisions in place are to ensure the safe evacuation of people and the limitation of fire spread and subsequent damage.


Identification as to what hazards are present is the first step. This would include the identification of ignition sources, fire loading and fuel supplies.


The next step would show who was at risk under different circumstances, for instance different times of day.  Consideration would be given to whether members of the public would be affected, young workers or persons with mobility issues etc.


With the above details taken into mind, a risk (likelihood & severity) rating is awarded to the hazards and it is noted what measures are already in place to eliminate the hazard or reduce the risk to an acceptable level. These may include the actions being taken such as raising an alarm, evacuation procedures  and summoning help to name a few.


Additional measures are then considered that may be required to ensure that compliance with the law and recommendations are adequate and sufficient.


Lastly a review is scheduled to ensure all recommendations and remedial works are completed and a re-inspection is carried out in good time by a competent assessor.


A Fire Risk Assessment would take into account things such as;


Fire prevention

Means of escape (adequacy of exits, signage and lighting)

Extinguishing media

Emergency Plans

Alarm system/detection

Fire Marshal & Warden provision

Hazardous substances care and control

Fixed installations

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs)

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