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Fire Warden Training

Each training programme is tailored to the needs of your business, employees, customers and premises.

Upon booking, we complete an initial consultation with an Instructor by telephone in order to assess your requirements, create a bespoke programme including a live fire scenario relevant to your company and to provide any further information on the Fire Safety Order.

Excellent team building course and we ensure every single trainee gets to experience extinguishing a controlled fire which makes us unique!

All instructors are experienced Fire Safety Trainers/Fire Fighters and will enable you to meet industry standards and maintain compliancy.

The Fire Awareness Programme from £395

Suitable for all levels and recommended for all employees to give you a basic understanding of the chemistry of fire, a good understanding of your company’s fire procedures and risk assessments, correct actions in an evacuation, practical fire extinguishment skills and an awareness of health and safety/hazard risks.

Duties of a Fire Warden

The Fire Marshall/Warden

  • The main duty of a fire marshal is to ensure that people get out safely.

There other duties also include:

  • Checking fire safety equipment
  • Helping with Fire prevention
  • Providing Staff with updates
  • Help the responsible person
  • to develop the emergency plan

All Fire Warden courses are now recognised by the Institute of Fire Engineers

About us

FTC are a leading training provider, committed to instructor-led training by people with real world experience.


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