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Fire Safety Checks

Fire safety checks are crucial in safeguarding lives and property. Regular inspections help identify hazards, faulty equipment, or inadequate escape routes, preventing potential disasters. Training individuals to conduct these checks is vital, enabling them to recognize risks, assess fire safety equipment, and ensure compliance with regulations. Proper training enhances efficiency, accuracy, and the ability to address vulnerabilities promptly. Understanding the significance of fire safety checks and receiving training equips individuals to play a pivotal role in maintaining a secure environment, preventing emergencies, and saving lives in the event of a fire, adhering to the standards of British fire safety protocols. Book now to receive training from the experts.

Daily Checks
Fire Alarm panel visual check Check the panel daily for fault codes
Emergency Escape Lighting visual check Check to see if any lights are out or damaged
Escape Routes Check to see if fire exits are safe to use
Firefighting Equipment Check to ensure firefighting equipment is in situ where designated and are undamaged/unused
Weekly Inspections
Fire Alarm weekly test A weekly test of the alarm system should be undertaken during occupied work hours
Automatic Opening Doors (Dorgard devises monthly) Any automatic opening/closing doors should be checked to ensure they operate in the event of fire alarm activation
Escape Routes Check to see if fire exits are safe to use
Monthly Inspections
Escape Routes Check all designated fire exits to ensure they operate correctly and are free from obstruction and safe to use ( including Ragland Bolts )
Emergency Escape Lighting visual check Monthly test to ensure correct operation
Firefighting Equipment Check to ensure fire extinguishers have pressure and all firefighting equipment is in position and serviceable
Smoke Control Systems Any smoke control system should be tested in line with manufacturer’s instructions
Refuge areas Ensure that the refuge areas are clear
Evacuation Chairs Ensure that the evacuation chair is in date for test and stored correctly. Regular training for operator.
Quarterly Inspections
Review of Fire Safety Log Book Ensure the Fire Safety Logbook is up to date, and all records have been entered correctly
Conduct Building Fire Safety Meeting Ensure all Fire Marshals are still in place and any fire safety concerns are being addressed
Annual Inspections
Fire evacuation Ensure that the evacuation exercise is undertaken, the results and any remedial actions are recorded
Review of Fire Risk Assessment The FRA is required to be reviewed on an annual basis or following any material changes.

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